Connor Post is the best conservative news aggregator for the Western world.

Unlike most other news sites, we applaud those who wish to see the West flourish. There are surprisingly few news sites that don't drone on and on about Trump, Le Pen and Farage being right wing extremists from the gates of hell (yawn). Even Drudge, the Express and the Telegraph screw that one up on a regular basis.

The Connor Post is different. We link to the best and most balanced coverage we can find on stories and events that are relevant to conservative, populist and nationalist trends and the parties that are succeeding. We write about news issues we don't think other people are covering. If we bitch about extremists, most likely about the globalists and left wing extremists that are truly responsible for most of the world's modern day problems.

We are conservative, populist, localist/nationalist & optimistic.


In the contemporary cultural meaning, the phrase "Western world" includes Europe, as well as many countries of European colonial origin with substantial European ancestral populations in the Americas and Oceania.

Benjamin Franklin once said of the signers of the US Declaration of Independence that if they didn't hang together, surely they would hang separately. That might apply today to the peoples of the West.

Most populist/nationalist/conservative sites focus on national issues. We focus on the entire Western world. What seems most significant. Or funny. Or interesting.

All there

We offer an easy place to find conservative and populist news for the Western world. Most people aren't aware of the conservative news sites available in their own countries, much less in other Western countries.

The Connor Post provides great links for the US/UK, and also for France, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else in the West. The best we can find. We also follow Western nationalist movements in Quebec, Texas, California, Catalonia, Scotland, Northern Italy, Flanders, the Boer States and any others that seem viable and are in Western interests.

How popular are we? After less than a year of publication Alexa ranks us among the top 70,000 internet sites in the United States. Which puts ahead of quite a number of sites we link to, as well as roughly in the top 1000 news sites world wide. Our greatest number of readers are from (in order) New Zealand, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Germany.

New Zealand rocks.

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